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July 5th, 2014

final scores on the weight gain scoreboard. Blake 317lb, Sean 294lb. About as good as could be hoped for, and at some point in the last 3 weeks they went over the combined 600lb mark for the first time. Just goes to show, that despite running 4 days a week; smart lifting, conditioning and eating can yield some very pleasing results. 

They should be able to play through the season at around 310lb and 290lb respectively.

It could be 11 months before they see home again, this 5 weeks has been a rare treat. Only a few lifts they were able to PR this year, but lack of athleticism is never going to be the concern, especially for Blake. His 300lb snatch is usually a result that linemen are trying to clean. There just wasn't enough time to better the 330lb PR from last year.

The next time we see Blake and Sean will be in 8 weeks when they play the first game for 2014 at the new McLane Stadium in Waco against SMU.






July 3rd, 2014

this training block has quickly come to an end, just one more training session to go on Saturday then back over to Waco next week.

It wasn't quite enough time to make as much progress as other years but here is Blake with a 380lb clean and Sean clean and jerking 310lb today. These were easy enough and left a little bit in reserve as the focus really now for football players is on the conditioning aspect of preparing for fall camp.







June 27th, 2014

There isn't many OL who can actually do unassisted pull ups, Blake and Sean have taken great pride in not just being able to do many unassisted dead hang pull ups, but also weighed pull ups. Here is Blake with his 2nd set of 5 of 35lb (16kg) plus his own 312lb of bodyweight.  




June 24th, 2014

2 more weeks and the boys will be back at Baylor for the 2nd summer session.

Blake is now the heaviest that he has been at 312lb and Sean is very close to his goal weight of 295lb, currently 289lb. Each of them have had difficulty keeping weight on with the number of classes and walking they have to do, time in between classes has been limited. With a lessened number of classes and better transport for the Fall those issues will largely be overcome.

On the lifting front, with only a few weeks it was unlikely that either would be able to set any PR's in the weight room but Sean will likely PR his front squat before he leaves. The greater focus of the last 2 weeks will be work capacity and drills on the whole.


June 12th, 2014

Every year at this time, the C.O.O.L. Clinic DVD's arrive in the mail. The Coaches Of Offensive Line clinic is held in Cincinnati every year in May and thankfully they record the presentations, 3 days worth!

Its always well worth checking out how other college programs and NFL teams run their schemes; terminology, points of emphasis and strategy. These are great resources and Coach Clements did a presentation in 2013.




June 10th, 2014

Doing a bit of energy system work on the beach.




June 5th, 2014

last night Blake and Sean were able to check out local club team practice. For 2014, for the first time there will be tackle football for 11-13 year olds and so it only seemed fitting to bring back a few gifts for these young players who up to this point knew who Blake and Sean were but has never met them.




June 2nd, 2014

Today Blake joined his brother back in the gym after arriving home yesterday. They will both be in Australia until the 2nd Summer session starts at Baylor on July 9th; so it gives them about 5 weeks.If Baylor has the kind of season the program is capable of, it will probably be a whole year before they're back again in Sydney so soaking it up while it lasts is important.

Usually what happens to Blake every year is that he loses weight during the semester, but this year has been much better compared to past seasons. 297lb has been the heaviest he's been after getting off the 15 hour plane ride from a Spring semester, so it will be much easier than usual to get back to his ideal playing weight. For 2014 he will likely leave for Waco around 315lb and be ready for the first game at around 310lb.

Sean has already put on 11lb since returning, his week of sickness during the Spring was never really recovered from.   

5 weeks is not longer to reach main lifting goals but the most important thing will be arriving back on campus as strong as they have ever been.


May 25th, 2014

Sean has returned home and begin off season training. Blake will remain in Waco until May 30th to complete the short academic mini-mester that goes for 2 weeks.

Each of them will remain in Sydney until July 8th before returning to Waco for the 2nd Baylor Summer Session.


April 28th, 2014

The latest update of the McLane Stadium building project has been uploaded and can be seen below.



The Spring semester will be coming to a finish in 2 weeks. Blake may need to stay on campus for 2 extra weeks to finish a course that he needs in order to be far enough along the way to finishing his degree. Transferring to Baylor meant that a lot of courses he had done did not transfer as applicable credits so he may need to take others before Fall starts. Sean will be back on time.


April 9th, 2014

A full recap and footage of the Bears final spring scrimmage can be found on the official Baylor Athletic department website.

The day is very big for fans in particular as they get to meet the team and coaches and the Athletic Department goes to some trouble to encourage families to make a day of it. For the team it is not particularly different from other Spring practices, the opposed periods are run throughout the 15 allowed team practices of the Spring.

Cautiously, the team held Blake out of the Saturday practice with his high ankle strain. The OL unit had already lost 2 players to serious injuries as well as have another held out from an older injury. Blake could have taped it up and gone out there if it was a game but nonetheless he already demonstrated a starting ability at bother Center and Left Tackle as well as taking reps at Left Guard. Sean played Right Guard on the 2nd team.

In other news country-man Peni Tagive has been moved from Defensive End to Running Back and has changed his jersey number to #27.

The Bears now will move towards exams next month and the end of the Spring semester.


March 31st, 2014

A lot of injuries on the OL unit right now. The experiment of Blake at Center has had to change with other OT's unable to see out the rest of spring through injury. Sean even had to take reps on the first team, something not a lot of freshmen were expected to do. Blake himself sat out saturday's scrimmage after twisting his ankle on thursday last week. He'll be back out there for this tuesday's practice which most likely will be pretty light anyhow as the team moves towards the Saturday spring game. Saturday was only the third every practice that Blake has missed reps on in 4 years so that was a new experience.

With so few tackles, the reps at Center probably wont continue for Blake until Fall camp.


March 23rd 2014,

Blake is the first team center as the Baylor Bears advance towards their Spring Game on April 5th. The Bears have 6 practices to go and these are vital in forming a foundation for when Fall camp opens in August.

The new stadium will host SMU on a nationally televised game August 31st. 


March 21st 2014,

the Baylor Bears Pro Day was held yesterday, here are the highlights.




The Bears have also re-started spring practice. Blake has taken reps at Center with the improved health of others at the tackle position. Earlier in the spring practice series there were only 3 healthy tackles, including Blake, so each had to cycle double duty on the first and second team.

The 2014 season will largely hinge on the ability for the Bears to replace 2, possibly 3, starters from 2013 on the OL. Testing combinations is vital in this Spring period.


March 11th, 2014

the Bears are on Spring Break. Blake and Sean will be using the time to get in a few of their own lifting sessions, have a look at some places that they may move in to for the fall semester and also take up an invitation to go shooting: something which neither of them have done before.


After the break, the Bears ill build towards their April 5 Spring game. 


March 7th, 2014

Spring practice has been going for a few days and today the Bears had there 5th day, culminating with a team scrimmage. Both the offense and defense made big plays, the offense scoring long TD's as well as redzone reps, the defense was able to get sacks and at least one fumble recovery.


A full report can be found here on the official Baylor Bears athletic page. 


Courtesy of the same site, here is Sean #74 blocking during the scrimmage.


Blake has been repping on the first team at Left Tackle and earlier in the week at Right Tackle and Center. Some injuries however have meant that he is focusing on Left Tackle, possibly for the remainder of the Spring. The Bears will break for 10 days and then resume the remainder of the Srping ball period leading up to the final Spring scrimmage on April 5th.





February 27th 2014,

The graduated Baylor Bears who attended this week's NFL Combine had mixed results. Lache Seastrunk and Tevin Reese had excellent jump results although their 40 times were slower than hoped for. Offensive lineman Cyril Richardson was solid in his testing but not spectacular. Players dont get told of many of their results in Baylor off-season testing, usually only if they set a PR from the previous year. Blake's broad jump would have been good enough for equal 5th amongst OL at the NFL combine out of 50 invitees at the position.

Sean has been a little bit ill over the last few days and will hopefully be 100% for first spring practice on the weekend.  


February 22nd 2014,

today in the final testing day before Spring practice Blake added to his broad jump, now 9'2.5" and also cut time in the 3 cone drill. This time next week the Bears will be in helmets for non-contact drills with Spring practice.


February 16th 2014,

The Baylor football team continues to have weekly friday testing days. The coaches dont release much information for the players but Blake had the fastest 3 cone drill of any OL or DT and jumped 9'1" in the broad jump at 297lb. No word on Sean's results.

The Bears will have one more week of winter preparation and then start Spring practice.


February 12th 2014,

Spring practice will start start very soon. The Bears will begin February 28th, have 5 practices and then have Spring break and before continuing through to the Spring game on April 5th. 

Its been cold again in Waco, down to 20 degrees fahrenheit at night time; makes for some interesting getting around on mopeds.


January 30th 2014,

the Baylor football team is in its offseason training period. The program's attention has also shifted towards signing day for the next class which will be the first week of february. 

The new stadium is still progressing and an excellent new graphic has been released that gives a 3D perspective of what it will be like inside once completed. Check it out here. 


January 19th, 2013

Blake and Sean are back on campus and in the previous post there was a failure to mention how they had faired academically last semester. Blake is continuing his very good grades from UH and currently carrying a 3.68 gpa and Sean has started things off with a 3.42 gpa.

Such excellent results will keep them in good standing with the program and yield the full value of the scholarships they have earned.


January 3rd 2014,

The wonderful ride that has been the 2013 season for Baylor ended with a disappointing loss to Central Florida in the Fiesta Bowl. Baylor did not play its best game, 17 penalties made the game too easy for UCF who played very solidly in all facets and were never headed, finally winning 52-42.

Baylor were heavy favourites and only a few times throughout the game looked like the polished big play team they had been to win the Big 12. The program had its best season ever but will go away disheartened that it didn't finish better. 2014 however looks very bright and the program no doubt will use this loss to focus on the off season and preparation to defend its conference title and have a shot to go to one of the new College playoff top 4 slots.

Blake and Sean will be home in Australia until school starts on the 13th of January. Both have lost a lot of weight and strength during their first semester in the Baylor redshirt/ineligible transfer program and both are keen to gain back what they have lost. Like most programs, there is a big focus on volume, conditioning and psychological bonding at Baylor, particularly for those not eligible to play and redshirts; it taxes the players significantly. The workload should lessen in the spring semester.





December 20th 2013,

Change of plans, Sean WILL now in fact be coming back for Xmas in Australia. It largely came down to the number of players needed on the scout team for the lead up to the game. It means the Muir family will be home for Xmas and also to celebrate Sean's birthday yesterday and older brother Clay's today.





December 17th 2013,

there are exams on Monday and then the team will practice through to the end of the week. Blake will be returning home for xmas on Sunday but Sean will have to stay over xmas on campus and then straight into bowl game week. The team will go to the bowl game site in Arizona on Boxing Day and prepare for Central Florida. Blake is not allowed to go to the bowl venue under NCAA transfer rules so he will be home in Australia until school goes back the end of the first week in January.

This will be a strange experience in particular for Sean as not only will be away from home, he'll be away from his family for xmas.


December 12th 2013,

Whilst fans are making arrangements for the Fiesta bowl on New Year's Day, the Baylor players have final exams for this semester starting tomorrow.

We'll know early next week what day Blake and Sean will return home for a short period and what their schedules will be for the bowl game: Blake not being eligible to attend because of NCAA transfer rules.


December 8th 2013,

the impossible became possible today. With the help of an upset win by Oklahoma over Oklahoma State, the Baylor Bears knocked off the Texas Longhorns and became outright Big 12 champions and secured a berth to the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona on New Year's Day.

The day started with just the hope of trying to win a co-championship with OSU with a likely 8-1 conference record likely. By beating the Cowboys 33-24, the Oklahoma Sooners laid a great opportunity for the Baylor Bears and the Bears were up to it. 3-3 at the half in freezing conditions int he last ever game at Floyd Casey Stadium, the BEars powered in the 3rd quarter and rounded things out 30-10. The defense was stellar throughout and the team experienced its finest ever moment.

The Bears secured the invite to the Fiesta Bowl which will likely be against Central Florida Black Knights. UCF of the ACC are 11-1 like Baylor.





December 3rd 2013,

the Baylor remain in an undetermined situation entering the last game of the regular season. Depending on the results of several other games, Baylor could find themselves in either the Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl or Cotton Bowl should they defeat Texas this week. The most important thing is that the team follows up its victory over TCU on saturday as the final game is played at Floyd Casey Stadium the home field of the Bears for 60 years.

Baylor are still #9 in the BCS and could rise a few spots in the final week. 





November 28th 2013,

Blake and Sean will spend Thanksgiving Day attending the Cowboys vs Raiders game at Cowboys Stadium.

The Bears have dropped to #9 in the BCS and need a few things to go their way to be able to get back in contention for the BIG 12 Championship and Fiesta Bowl. With Texas Christian University this week on the road and then the Texas Longhorns at home, the Bears need OSU to drop one of their games and go undefeated at the same time. 

A sad day for the Bears program today as Head Coach Art Briles' older brother Edward 'Eddie' Briles passing away today. He had been in poor health for a short period. No doubt everyone at the Baylor Bears athletic department will be able to cheer him up and give him his privacy at this time. It will not effect the Bears preparation for TCU on saturday.


November 25th, 2013

It just wasn't Baylor's day against Oklahoma State on the road in Stillwater. The offense had a lot of trouble getting going, turned the ball over at key moments and had questionable play calling at times. The defense leaked points and the Cowboys were just plain better on the day.

It means that the Bears are now needing help to win the Big 12 and might be heading to the Cotton Bowl rather than the Fiesta Bowl or National Championship game. With 5 starters out, the Bears didn't have the same effectiveness that they had leading into the game and next week will again be on the road against TCU.



November 18th, 2013

Baylor will be ranked #3 or #4 in the BCS after disposing of the Texas Tech Red Raiders 63-34 at AT&T Stadium (aka 'Jerry World')


The annual game is always held at the neutral site and that permitted Blake and Sean to run the 2 hours on the team bus to the game.


The Red Raiders were up 14-0 before the Bears got into gear and took over every facet of the game. Now at 9-0, the Bears will play @ Oklahoma State next week in what shapes as the toughest test of the season. Win the game, and a Big 12 championship is almost secured, only TCU and Texas remain after that. By contrast, Hawaii is now 0-10 and essentially rank the same number of spots from the bottom of the 125 FBS teams that Baylor rank from the top.






November 9th, 2013

It took a while to get going in the first quarter but the Baylor Bears triumphed handily over the Oklahoma Sooners 41-12 in the key Big 12 match up last night.

Blake and Sean were again on card carrying duties, holding up giant cards to obscure the coaches signals from behind and provide a proper backdrop for the on field players to see. With the addition of #2 Oregon losing, the Bears may move up to as high as #3 in the BCS after this week's games.


Next week, Baylor will play Texas Tech at Cowboys Stadium (neutral site).





Novermber  8th, 2013

It seems like a long time since the last game, Thursday games always feel weird. Today the Baylor Bears take on the Oklahoma Sooners. Its billed as the first real test for the Bears this season having only the 81st ranked strength of schedule so far in D1 football. With a win, most of the detractors will be unable to say "Baylor hasn't played anyone yet." Oklahoma has the best defense in the Big 12 this year so far.

As he has done for all the home games this year, Blake is staying with the team at the hotel in Waco the night before. The food is a little better when staying at the hotel, even if he has to share a room instead of having his own at the apartment where Sean is by himself for the Wednesday night. No classes for the football players on Thursday and the whole town of Waco is a buzz with the potential for beating Oklahoma for only the 2nd time since being in the Big 12 together. 


October 29th, 2013

Handsomely defeating Kansas 59-14, the Baylor Bears are now ranked #6 in the nation and will play #10 Oklahoma next thursday night. Should the Bears win, it would surely jump them ahead of either Oregon and Stanford who also play that evening.

The Oklahoma game will be at home at Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco. This will be followed by a game at the neutral site Cowboy's Stadium, then on the road at Oklahoma state and TCU, then finishing at home to Texas. This is the meat of the schedule in the Big 12 with 4 of those team being ranked.






October 21st, 2013 

the BCS rankings were released for the first time today for the 2013 season and Baylor debuted at #8, the highest ranking ever for the football program.

The team destroyed Iowa State on saturday at home 71-7. The game was a part of Homecoming week, highlights can be seen below.




October 13th 2013, 

Baylor had quite a contest today at Kansas State, needing most of the 4th quarter before finally putting away the Wildcats.

Highlights can be seen below.




Blake and Sean obviously were not on the travel squad. Blake as a transfer is prohibited by NCAA rule from traveling with the team to away games and Sean is redshirting. They are both taking 6 classes this semester which keeps them very busy (Blake took 4 per semester at Hawaii). It means they are getting a lot of school work done amongst their regular lifting, practice and film sessions.


Next week the Bears have their Homecoming game against Iowa State.


October 7th 2013,

Baylor were awesome in their 73-42 victory over West Virginia yesterday. Blake and Sean were recruited to a special role on the day..... holding up boards to obscure the offensive signals to the press box and anyone who might want to film them or record them. 


Some notes from the game courtesy of

* Baylor's 864 yards of total offense is a Big 12 record passing West Virginia's 807 yards against Baylor Sept. 29, 2012.
* Baylor's 73 points is a Big 12 record for most points in a Big 12 head-to-head matchup.
* Baylor is the nation's only team whose offense has not had a 3-and-out all season.
* Baylor set a school record for points in a conference game (SWC or Big 12) and broke the school record for points in any game in the modern era (post-WWII).
* Baylor's 369 yards in the 1st quarter were the most by any team in a single quarter in the last 10 years.
* Baylor's 617 yards in the 1st half were the most by any team in the first half of a game in the last 10 years.
* With a school-record 864 yards of total offense in the game, the Bears have had at least 400 yards of total offense in 31 straight games dating back to Dec. 29, 2011 -- the 31-game streak is the nation's longest active streak (Texas A&M is next closest at 17 straight entering the day).
* Baylor had 400+ rushing yards for the 5th time in program history, and its 468 yards were the 3rd-most in BU history.
* Baylor topped 600 yards of total offense for the 24th time in program history (19 times in Briles era).
* Baylor topped 700 yards of total offense for the 3rd straight game and 5th time in program history.
* Baylor became the first FBS or FCS team to score 28+ points in the 1st quarter of four straight games during the BCS era (1996-present) -- the only previous team to score 28+ points in the 1st quarter four different times at any point during a season during the BCS era was Oklahoma in 2008.
* Baylor scored 28+ points in 7 of its first 14 quarters this season -- no other FBS team has scored 28+ points in more than 2 quarters this season.

* Baylor's 7 quarters with 28+ points this season equals the number of times the Bears scored 28+ points in a quarter in their 1,137 all-time games entering the year. 




October 1st 2013,

The Baylor Bears are ranked #16 in the nation after their week of and several teams above them losing games over the weekend. The most notable game was #11 Oklahoma State going down to this week's opponent West Virginia in a huge upset. It will be interesting to see which Mountaineer team comes to Waco; the team that was soundly shut out against Maryland 2 weeks ago or last week's upset maker.





September 23rd 2013,

Baylor were victorious 70-7 over Louisiana-Monroe yesterday. It was another spectacular performance by the Bears, setting another record in total offense as well as scoring twice on defense. The Bears now look to be ranked #19 in multiple polls and will have a second bye week this week before playing West Virginia to start conference play.





September 13th 2013,

Baylor have the bye this week but yesterday they featured on ESPN's 'All-Access' series.





September 10th 2013,

Baylor was ruthless in their demolition of the University of Buffalo on saturday winning 70-13. The Bears offense racked up over 700 yards of offense.




The Bears jumped up another spot in the AP poll to #22 and will have a bye week this week before taking on Louisiana-Monroe.

Blake and Sean have finally had their mopeds delivered and wont have to bug people for a ride around town any longer. 

As what happens in Hawaii, and most likely every state, Blake and Sean get taxed quite heavily being out of state on their scholarship cheques. So while they are provided 16 meals a week there is no additional money to buy anything extra. They're going to have to live pretty frugally for a while. 


September 4th 2013,

The Baylor Bears are now ranked #23 in the Associated Press poll jumping up from the unranked teams to open the season. Whatever concern there was about breaking in a new QB was answered with a resoundingly positive response from Bryce Petty's 312 yard 2TD performance.

Peni Tagive was active in the game, making a tackle on kickoff as well as lining up in the backfield on a few plays and at defensive end in the fourth quarter. It seems like he will be used as an experiment in several places on the team. 

Blake and Sean's mum had an excellent visit and has returned to Australia, getting to watch the game from the stands and experience Waco for 10 days. 


September 2nd 2013.

Baylor opened the 2013 season in style, handily taking care of FCS school Wofford, a team that has troubled SEC teams in the past but could not keep up with Baylor; both offense AND defense.

Below is a pic courtesy of journalist Brian Ethridge of Blake and Sean on the sideline.


 Next week Baylor will play the University of Buffalo at home. Highlights of the Wofford game below.




August 30th, 2013. 

Its a far cry from last year when Blake was heading to Los Angeles to play USC in the 2012 opener, but Blake was named Scout Team Player of the week as the Bears prepare for the Wofford Terriers.

Hawaii meanwhile prepare for the return game at home vs USC today.

Below is Sean at practice standing behind Coach Briles and defensive coordinator Coach Phil Bennett.




August 26th, 2013

Sean and Blake have their mother visiting this week, she hasn't been to Waco before and is getting a chance to experience what she has heard so much about.

School starts this week so things will get busier around the apartment complex. The team is preparing for the first game of the year versus Wofford on saturday. It will be a home game and the team wrapped up their fall camp with a scrimmage at Floyd Casey Stadium last week. The game will kick off 9.30am in Sydney on Sunday 1st September. 


August 19th 2013,

A pretty comprehensive article on Blake, Sean and Peni in the Waco Tribune today.


This is Blake's 3rd Fall camp, its been a lot easier on the feet, and overall not having to sleep on fold out cots in Hawaii, instead sleeping in the apartments at Baylor, has been a nice upgrade. Blake weighed in at 304lb yesterday at the practice facility.


In this pic, Blake is standing behind Coach Clements and Coach Briles. Courtesy of the Baylor Athletics site. 



August 17th 2013,

Baylor had its first 2 a day yesterday. Good in that it meant the early practice was in the morning (cooler, low 30's) instead of early afternoon (hotter, high 30's), but there being 2 practices is obviously makes for a tough day.


Blake has been getting some reps on the 2nd team at LT, a little surprising considering he's ineligible this season. As expected Sean is on the 3rd team and redshirting.


In the clip below you'll see Blake and Sean eating breakfast in the dining room. The clip details the daily rehab regime of team mate Troy Baker.





August 12th 2013,

The first week is done with, the Baylor Bears have completed their initial practices in preparation for the opening game against Wofford on August 31st.

In the team pic that was taken on wednesday, you'll see Blake in #73 in the 4th row on the left, Sean in #74 in the 6th row in the middle and Peni in the top row of players in #59 even though it looks a bit like #55. 

Yesterday the team had a scrimmage practice and 'Meet the Bears' fan day. Blake took some reps on the 2nd team at left tackle then all the reps on the 3rd team. A video recap of Day 5 can be seen here. 




Only being at the school for 1 week now, they have not had much time to really settle in amongst the start of practice. Today however they're going out to buy some transport for themselves (mopeds) so that they can get around campus and most importantly to and from the athletic department from their apartments which are about 1.5km away. Fair enough when the average daily temperature has been 37 degrees. At least half of practice is completed indoors however, a huge advantage over many other schools.


The standard of practice for Blake compared to Hawaii has largely been to do with the better quality of organization. Most things so far have just been that little bit better. In 2012, Hawaii tried to institute a speed of practice that was beyond the coaches' ability to install everything in a timely manner. At Baylor, everything is well organized, sensibly paced, clear and concise. The playing talent level isn't overwhelmingly noticeable, in the same window of talent, there are more players at the top and very few at the bottom of that window. Sean is adjusting well considering its his first time in practices of that speed and quality and the good thing is that considering that Blake is ineligible to take the field in 2013 and Sean will likely redshirt its a great time to adjust, learn and become comfortable with everything.   


August 7th 2013,

The Bears have gone through their first 2 practices. A recap of opening day can be found here from the Waco Tribune.

Blake can be seen on the left in Coach Briles post practice address. Picture courtesy of Baylor Football twitter page.



August 5th 2013,

The boys are in Waco, have reported for camp and tomorrow will participate in the first practice of the Bears Fall Camp. The Baylor Athletics site is posting a daily report, below is the first edition.




Blake and Sean have been given their playing numbers and are uploaded onto the 2013 roster.

Blake will be #73 and Sean #74. Photos will be added.


August 2nd, 2013

Benefits of a parent working for an airline, cheap travel and upgrades to business class. Down side; flying 'stand by'. So either Blake and Sean are already in the air or they're sitting at the airport waiting. Either way, we wont see them back here until after their bowl game, where ever that may be, possibly in January for a short period.




July 31st 2013,

Nothing left to do really. Blake and Sean have their visas now and have flights booked. Qantas flies direct Sydney to Dallas, about a 15 hour flight, they will arrive on Saturday, report for camp on Sunday and first practice is Monday.

The weather in Waco is its usual hot summer range. Days in the high 30's and nights only getting down to the low 20's. A bit of a contrast from winter in Sydney, although its been a warm winter this year.

On saturday Blake and Sean ran some 40's at the track and had some good results. 4.96 for Blake, same as last year but 4lbs heavier. His 10 yard time was quicker than 2012. Sean ran 5.32 which is his fastest weighing over 130kg.

Peni has settled in already, he's doing his school work and a lot of conditioning drills. Right now he is preparing as a linebacker.  


Sean gets plenty of lay back in the snatch.

 Blake gets under a 150kg snatch (330lb)




July 24th 2013,

Blake and Sean are at the US consulate today getting their visas. Yesterday they maxed their 102.5kg (225lb) bench for reps test. Blake had 29, but we took 2 off for his hips coming up off then bench. Sean had 26. Both of those results were personal records.

They also PR'd their weighted pullups. 40kg for 1 rep and 20kg for 5 reps. Blake @ 141kg (310lb), Sean at 131kg (288lb).  

On saturday they worked on their 10 and 20 yard sprints. Blake had 1.65 for 10 and 2.83 for 20. Sean had 1.75 for 10 and 2.98 for 20. 40's will be done next saturday.  



July 20th 2013,

just to give an idea of all the little things that need doing for someone from Australia to be enrolled and eligible to play college football here is a list.


* Send final transcripts to school. (snail mail)
* Send final transcripts to eligibility center. (snail mail, these can be certified copies of originals)
* Send SAT/ACT scores to school. (done online for a fee)
* Send SAT/ACT to eligibility center. (online)
* Enroll with school academically. (online)
* Update amateurism declaration with eligibility center. (online)
* Make sure passport is current and valid.
* Receive scholarship papers from school (email)
* Receive I-20 application form (email)
* Fill in I-20 application form and have a sponsor's (relative) bank fill it in (says you have financial support in case of emergency. (snail mail)
* I-20 form is sent by the school, SEVIS number generated. (snail mail)
* Use SEVIS number to fill in DS-160 form and upload photo with US Travel Docs and pay a fee. (Online)
* Book a date online at closest embassy to file paperwork pay fee. (online)
* Make sure immunization records are up to date. Most state schools will have a mandatory meningitis vaccination and you cannot do anything on campus without it.
* Take I-20, DS-160 and passport to embassy. Processing takes a few days. I think 3. (in person).
* Fill in housing forms. (scan email)

* Organize student insurance. Mandatory for international students, costs around $700 a semester. Cannot start classes without it.(online) 



July 19th 2013,

Peni departed for Waco 2 days ago, and today attended his first class there (summer session) and first practice. Blake and Sean get their visas next wednesday and found out where they will be staying on campus which will be some of the nice apartments that Blake saw on his recruiting trip. 

Tomorrow Blake and Sean will be doing some timed runs at the track for 10, 20 and 40 yards as well as testing vertical jump for the first time in a very long time. On Monday they'll both be maxing their clean and jerk.

Below is a 'hype video' for Baylor's 2013 season, which is kind of ironic to put on this blog as these guys are about as low-hype as you will find.  






July 14th 2013,

The three Australian players headed to Baylor, trained together on saturday. Blake, Sean and Peni ran together yesterday at the field and did some drills.


Here is a pic of Blake snatching up to 140kg yesterday. One of the training goals for 2013 was a 150kg snatch which will be attempted in 2 weeks just before he leaves for camp. It will be hard, but it is an awesome goal for a football player who only gets a few months a year to train seriously and is coming off a shoulder surgery this year.





July 10th 2013,

Blake and Sean appeared on Ten News tonight in a story about their football careers and move to Baylor at the end of the month. The story can be watched on this link you might have to change browsers to view Channel Ten's online story archive.




July 8th 2013,

another heavy week of training this week, the 3rd last before leaving for Waco. Clean and Jerk today was 176kg for Blake, in 2 weeks he'll take 181kg. His Clean Pulls today were 200kg for doubles. Sean PR'd his cleans from the blocks for doubles.


Sean has to have his immunization updates on thursday and they both have to complete housing forms for staying on campus in the dorm rooms. Otherwise its just training for the last few weeks. Tomorrow will also involve hitting the blocking bags pretty hard and some conditioning work.




June 24th, 2013

Just waiting to receive back the last document so they can go to the embassy to get their visa. Meanwhile, we're into PR breaking territory for this lifting cycle. Blake broke his PR C&J from last year, now at 171kg. 4 more week's and 400lb will be on the bar. Sean PR'd his clean at 150kg and his bench for max reps.




June 16th, 2013

Saturday's training ended with what has become common on saturdays. Alactic-Aerobic conditioning runs at the sandhills. 




June 14th, 2013

This week Blake and Sean have been training with Peni Tagive who is now in Sydney getting ready to leave for Waco in a few weeks.

Some video will be up soon. In the mean time here is some pics of Sean performing hurdle jumps with a 20kg weighted vest and doing some weighted pull ups. Being 131kg is not enough some times.





June 7th, 2013

Sean squatting last week.





June 6th, 2013

Blake and Sean have been finalizing their enrollments and getting visas organized. It appears likely that Sean will join the Baylor program at the same time as Blake; both of them will be there for Fall camp.


Baylor OL coach Randy Clements presented a speech at the COOL Clinic (Coaches Of Offensive Line) in Cincinnati a few weeks ago. On monday the DVD collection arrived of the whole clinic so Blake and Sean are making their way through watching and reviewing the DVD's.


Training has been progressing very well. Blake will PR his 5RM bench next week at 152.5kg and in 2 weeks will attempt to get his first 400lb jerk (182kg) from the rack. The same week he will PR his clean at 171kg. Blake is now 308lb.


Sean will attempt to PR his snatch at 120kg and make his highbar squat at 200kg for a double. He's also aiming for 25 reps on the bench at 225lb which would be a 3 rep PR. 


May 30th, 2013

Preseason rankings are starting to come out. Baylor is ranked #17 by , Hawaii is ranked #105 by USA Today in their countdown.  

Baylor released a nice video clip of their new uniforms this week.






May 22nd, 2013

Blake and Sean participated in the Rode 2 Recovery charity fundraiser on sunday at Shire Speed and Strength.

The Rode 2 Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility bike ride that takes place each year. The day included a deadlift demonstration and competition which Blake and Sean were a part of.

Also participating in the day were the head coaches of the South Sydney Rabbitohs Michael Macguire and St George Illawarra Dragons Steven Price.




May 8th, 2013

The Our Daily Bears site has some excellent information uploaded today on the new stadium that is being built at Baylor.




May 5th, 2013

Blake will be heading back to Hawaii for a few days this week to take care of some loose ends. Sean will be staying in Sydney to continue training.


April 25th, 2013

Just a lot of hard training the last few weeks for Blake and Sean.

Here is Blake working up to a 200kg high bar squat for a triple today. The goal is 250kg for a double in July.



Neither Blake nor Sean wear hats very much. This new one was a little small but it just arrived, so Sean tried it on for size.

 Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are the main lifting days. Tuesday and Saturday are sprint days. Tuesday and Wednesday are the agility and energy system sessions.


April 19th, 2013

The front page of today's paper in Sydney. The town of West is just outside of Baylor and this accident has rocked the community around Waco and Texas at large. Our best wishes go to those affected by the tragedy. The Baylor Athletics Department has organized a blood drive and no doubt this will be a part of the 2013 season as the community deals with what has happened.




April 15th, 2013

New training block for Sean. Weighed in at his heaviest ever 292lb last week. Blake is still ramping up his lifting numbers and is 304lb right now.

This week has been that strange week where their lifting numbers have been very similar as Blake heads back towards the numbers he had in the 2012 off season and Sean continues his consistent progress. Blake will over take Sean with the squatting numbers next week but it will be a few more weeks before he can out bench his younger brother again.





March 28th, 2013

Not much to report the last 2 weeks. An A in a paper on education for people with learning disabilities in case anyone was interested.

Baylor's 2013 schedule has been released. The opening game against Wofford was originally scheduled to be against SMU until earlier this year. SMU will still be the opponent for the opening game of 2014 at the new Baylor stadium.

Full schedule:
Aug. 31: Wofford
Sept. 7: Buffalo
Sept. 21: Louisiana-Monroe
Oct. 5: West Virginia
Oct. 12: at Kansas State
Oct. 19: Iowa State
Oct. 26: at Kansas
Nov. 7: Oklahoma
Nov. 16: vs. Texas Tech at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas
Nov. 23: at Oklahoma State
Nov. 30: at TCU
Dec. 7: Texas 

Key games will be Oklahoma at home (2011 was the first victory for Baylor over Oklahoma), Texas Tech at Cowboys Stadium, then the 2 away games back to back at Oklahoma State and at TCU. Texas at home right now the Bears would be favoured for, Texas is in a slump and not having a good off season either.

The game at Kansas State will set the season up. Win that game and Baylor could go 7-0 very easily with the very soft start to the season. 7-0 would bring a strong sense of confidence which will be needed badly in what could be the toughest November schedule in the nation.



March  15th, 2013

Running, lifting, drills and swimming are all back to normal now in training. Over 300lb body weight for the first time this week since the start of Fall camp last year.

The NFL combine has been and gone and there were lots of stats to emulate from the results.

The Baylor football team has started spring practice.


March 2nd, 2013

It didn't take long to get back up to 295lb. The shoulder rehab phase is largely now turning into regular strength training with full mobility reached. Ballistic functions and non-controlled environment drills and exercises are being introduced conservatively.

The progressions now will be linear for a while.



February 21st, 2013

A good time now to make some long term lifting goals that this rehab period can bloom into.

A 400lb clean would have to be at the top of the list.

32 reps @ 225lb on the bench.

250kg Backsquat for a double, full depth, of course.

A sub 5 sec 40 yard dash at a bodyweight over 310lb.

A 150kg snatch might have to be next off season, we will see how the shoulder responds but cost/benefit may not fit the rehab direction for 2013.

This week benching and weighted overhead press was added, along with front squatting and running. In 2 weeks cleans will re-start, if all goes well some more ballistic overhead movements will be re-introduced lightly.

So far, so good on everything. 


February 6th 2013

After the madness of yesterday, it was easy to overlook the rehab progress that Blake has made since his arthroscopy 4 weeks ago. Blake was light overhead pressing this week amongst other shoulder rehab in between making a lot of phone calls. Back squatting and some light clean grip and snatch grip pulls have been relatively easy to start up again.

The main goal is to be ahead of where Blake was at the finish of the spring semester in 2012 which should be easy enough training at home whilst taking online courses at UH through this semester.



February 5th, 2013

Those stories you read about where a recruit has to wade through the pros and cons of each school, new issues arrive at the last moment, and eventually a great result is reached; that was the last 3 days and especially magnified today.

Oregon State and Baylor were almost impossible to separate, and all the while, Blake and his family were dealing with the recruitment of brother Sean who had been dealing with recruitment changes due to staff firings at Hawaii and Idaho over the last 14 months, then having to rejoin the recruiting world so late in the piece it was near impossible to gain much traction. (Sean will have his own blog starting soon)

The Baylor coaches; Offensive Line coach Randy Clements and Head Coach Art Briles, really went the extra mile and have offered a greyshirt scholarship (maybe Fall 2013) to Sean, presenting the option of Blake and Sean playing together, living and studying, just as they had always dreamed of. An offer too good to refuse.

The Baylor coaches really went out on a limb, trusted their judgment and now have 2 awesome prospects for the OL position. Blake Muir, who will sit out his sophomore year under transfer rules and will arrive for Fall, and Sean Muir, a 6'2" 280lb freshman Center who will join the Baylor program in January 2014 or August 2013. Sean had offers at Texas State, East Illinois and Northern Colorado.

More details shortly..


February 2nd, 2013

Blake was named to the Mountain West Academic All-Conference Team along with fellow Aussie Scott Harding.

Conference link here.

UH Athletics link here.


February 1st, 2013

Tomorrow, Blake will return from recruiting trips to Georgia Tech, Baylor and Oregon State. He will then decide which school he is transferring to for 2013.


January 22nd, 2013

Blake will take recruiting trips to Georgia Tech and Baylor at the end of the week.

Both schools have presented very strong recruiting pushes so far. There maybe more trips scheduled in the next few days as more offers are considered.


January 18th, 2013

The last few days have been a blizzard of activity. 

The transfer process has many bureaucratic tasks to fulfill. Student Affairs, Compliance, International Student office tasks to be completed and gathering transcripts has to be done; this all the while as contact is made with new coaching staffs.

So far the offers and attention have been excellent. 5 scholarship offers already, including schools in the Big 12 and ACC. Official visits are being organized for next week.

Hopefully more news in the next few days.

Blake's time at UH demonstrated his durability, consistency and tenacity. He played through pain and missed only 2 practices in his career and had to double up in 1st and 2nd team reps throughout the 2012 season when back ups were injured or sick. His consistency in doing this, despite losing so much weight in the process, shows his value as a team player.  


January 14th, 2013

After much deliberation, Blake has decided to leave the Warrior Football program at the end of the 2013 Spring semester. After starting all 12 games as a Redshirt Freshman in 2012, he did not make this decision lightly.

Simply put, Blake was not happy at UH and has requested a release in order to discuss transferring with other schools; this search will start immediately.

2012 was not a good year for UH. It brought a new staff and a diametrically opposed way of running the program. More so than the wins and losses, Blake did not feel he could play his best football in 2013 with the way that the program was being run. Many team mates have left the UH football program because of unsavoury experiences in the 2012 season; things that Blake had to witness. It means that he will have to sit out a year if he transfers to another FBS school which is what he intends to do; even with that taken into account, Blake has decided to leave.

Blake exits his time at UH with a 3.84gpa and physically set several all-time testing records at the OL position; his name and picture are on the wall of the weight room. He attended every practice and meeting on time and did every task that was asked of him. In 2012, he was the top rated  offensive lineman in at least 5 of the 12 games. In 2 years there were only two practices where he was not a full participant, one to injury, one to sickness.

Blake's original reason for going to UH was based on coaching integrity, he originally chose the more expensive route of attending UH a semester early instead of immediately on scholarship at SMU. Coaching integrity will be what he will be looking for in his next school .


Blake wanted to make this statement about his decision....

'I acknowledge and thank the supporters of the UH football program and the state of Hawaii for the opportunity to be a UH Warrior. I have invested a great deal in the program over my time here, it saddens me that I feel that this move is necessary. I wish the UH program all the best for the future.'






January 10th, 2013

Blake had his arthroscopy today. The surgery was fine, but afterwards he had a lot of trouble getting his prescriptions for pain killers and anti-inflammatories. A lot of walking to find the right drug store and an arranged ride later, the recovery process now begins. 

Blake's brother Sean will soon be starting his own diary blog. He'll be announcing soon which school he will be committing to in 2013. 


January 7th, 2013

Blake leaves today to head back to Honolulu. When he arrived, he was the lightest he had been for  more than 2 1/2 years, 268lb; that's 38lb in weight lost since the beginning of Fall camp. He returns to school at 284lb. His gpa bumped up to 3.84.

He is scheduled to have an arthroscopy on his right shoulder on Wednesday to repair the small tear that he carried for the majority of the season. He will then start rehabbing immediately.  




December 23rd, 2012

Blake has been back home for a week and has taken the time to try to recover some bodyweight that he lost over the season and through the last week where he was very sick for several days; missing his only practice for the year.

He is also waiting for online results from his exams. His current gpa is 3.82 and has two A's so far from finals. Blake will be home until the first week of January. 


December 3rd, 2012

The 2012 season wrapped up for the Warriors  with a comfortable but unspectacular win over South Alabama 23-7. The win was a nice send off for the Seniors on the program and rounded out 2012 with a 3-9 record.


Blake played one of his best games of the years, dominant particularly in the run game where the Warriors ran behind him for much of the night for a season high  249 yards.


A recap can be found here.


Finals week will run through the second week of December and then Blake will be back home for the holidays for 3 weeks. The shoulder that has been bothering him for most of the season will get attention in the off season, he will decide if its worth having surgery to correct it.





November 30th, 2012

The Star-Advertiser had this article on Blake in yesterday's edition. 

Blake sat out Tuesday practice with some mild nausea but practiced yesterday. He will make his 12th consecutive start on Saturday. The team has been largely focusing on Senior Night, the last game for 13 Warriors who are graduating and finishing their eligibility. 

Final exams will take place in the 2 weeks following this last game. 


November 28th, 2012


Below are the highlights of the last game vs UNLV. Blake graded out as the highest OL again in this game.

The Warriors are preparing for their final game vs South Alabama, this will correspond with Senior Night and will be followed by a football program luau on the Sunday night.





November 26th, 2012

The Warriors pulled a role reversal on the UNLV Rebels, winning 48-10.


A recap can be found here.


The Warriors wore their one off 'Wounded Warrior' uniforms for the game and dominated the game, UNLV looked to be the team without direction or play making ability. Blake made his 11th straight start and played the entire game, grading out as the top OL for the 4th time. 


The team must prepare now for their final game for the season when they host South Alabama, a new FBS football program. 



November 19th, 2012

Air Force were too strong to finish the game, winning 21-7 over Hawaii. The Warriors scored first and had their first lead over an FBS team all season, new starting Qb Jeremy Higgins leading the offense on an opening possession TD pass.

A game summary can be found here. 

Blake started his 10th straight game and played till the final whistle. The Warriors had a lot of trouble running the ball and ultimately switched back to original starter Sean Schroeder in the 2nd half.

The Warriors will play UNLV at home next week.


November 15th, 2012

The Hawaii v Air Force game will be live on ESPN in Australia at 1.30pm on saturday. This is the third game that Hawaii will appear in this year. The BYU game was shown earlier this season.


November 13th, 2012

Boise State were victorious 49-14 over the Warriors on Saturday; the Warriors are still winless in the MWC and 1-8 for the season.

The offense again struggled, Blake was not happy with his performance and the OL, TE's and RB's  were unable to protect starter Sen Schroeder or back up Jeremy Higgins very well giving up 5 sacks. Higgins however did come in and add some spark driving the ball for a TD in the fourth quarter.

It will be a short week for the Warriors, they will travel to Colorado to play Air Force on Friday night.

A recap of the game can be found here.



November 9th, 2012

The Warriors will play their first home game for a month when they take on Boise State. The Broncos are coming off a rare loss, to MWC opponents San Diego State.

The Warriors are pretty banged up on the injury front and on the win/loss record. Blake will be one of only 5 Warriors who will have started every game so far this year.

A full pregame report can be found here


November 6th, 2012

It was not a good day out for the Warriors at Fresno State. The Warriors main rival of the last 12 years  defeated the Warriors 45-10. A full recap can be found here.

There wasn't much to be excited about for the Warriors as they were outclassed all over the field. Jeremy Higgins came on at Qb late in the game and scored the only TD for the game for the Warriors.

The OL had 2 more injuries to starters but Blake played the whole game again in his 8th straight start and graded out once again as the best OL despite having one false start and giving up a sack because of cadence problems.

Next week the Warriors are at home to the always very good Boise State Broncos.


October 30th, 2012

The Warriors were defeated on the road at Colorado State 27-42. The teams traded turnovers, the Rams did a better job of scoring off turnovers. The loss leaves the Warriors at the bottom of the Mountain West Conference.

They must regroup and head off again on Thursday to play at Fresno State, an old rival from the WAC.

Blake played another solid game in his 7th consecutive start.

The Norm Chow Inside Access show can be seen here.


October 21s, 2012

With the week off the Warriors have been resting up. Blake has a visit from family this week. The team is preparing for Colorado State on the road, they will leave on Thursday.

Blake had a season high 91.8 rating from the New Mexico game.  


October 15th, 2012

The Warriors let a terrible start to the game, 21-0 down in the first half, put their homecoming game out of reach despite a rally in the second half.

Game report can be found here.

Blake played another solid, mistake-free game. The team enters a bye week at 1-5, very disappointing.  After the bye, the Warriors will travel to play Colorado State. The week off will certainly the team in terms of health and although Blake is doing okay, general soreness and a niggling shoulder injury will appreciate the rest.



October 8th, 2012

The Warriors were defeated 52-14 at Qualcom stadium in San Diego in front of 50,000 Aztec fans, there second straight MWC defeat.

A recap can be found here.

The offense showed flashes of improvement but still has a long way to go. Blake played reasonably well and was able to get through the game with his shoulder injury and still be effective despite the discomfort.

The Warriors have their Homecoming game next week against New Mexico, another MWC opponent. The week after will be a much needed bye week.



October  3rd, 2012

Blake is doing extra rehab work on his shoulder to be ready for the crucial San Diego State game on saturday. The team will leave the day before. The OL is pretty beat up at the moment, nearly every starter, and some back ups, have some sort of ailment. 3 have the same injury as Blake and 2 of those have elected to be operated on. Blake is practicing and playing through the pain.

After San Diego State, the Warriors play New Mexico at home followed by a bye week. 


October 1st, 2012

Hawaii were soundly outplayed by BYU in Provo, Utah in a rare Friday night game.


A full recap can be found here


Several UH players were assisted from the field during the game as the team looked every bit like a team trying to break in new schemes and coaches. Blake might need a few light days at practice to rest up a sore shoulder before the team goes on the road versus San Diego State, another MWC member.


The uncompetitive start to the season has of course mobilized the fan base into trying to diagnose the problem. Opinion varies on Qb choice, play calling, defensive scheme and just about every other variable. With 8 games to go, the schedule will get a little easier and that in itself might give the change on result that is sorely needed to re-energize things.



September 24th, 2012

There wasn't a lot to be happy about from the Warriors conference opener at home vs Nevada.,losing 69-24.

A recap can be found here.

It was much more so a defensive lapse in play that led to such a big blow out. Whilst the receivers dropped a few key passes the offense was balanced and Blake played quite well. The 2012 Warriors offense does not boast about being explosive against more even opponents so a high scoring shoot out was never wanted; the defense really had no answers for the Nevada offense's pistol attack.


The Warriors have to re-group for a Friday night game this week on the road at BYU. The game will air live in Australia on ESPN next Saturday from 10am. 



September 18th, 2012Jn348c1WEMY




September 17th, 2012

The Warriors opened the home schedule with a 54-2 victory over Lamar.

A full report can be found here.

The Warriors dominated field position, Special teams were excellent, producing 2 touchdowns. The offense was balanced and run the ball particularly well. Blake and 1st team offensive line played through to the beginning of the fourth quarter and were very solid throughout the game.

The Warriors will now play their first conference game at home next week against Nevada.



September 12th, 2012

Sunday 3pm EST in Sydney the Warriors will play their home opener and second game of the 2012 season against FCS team the Lamar Cardinals. Lamar University is in Texas and it is the first meeting between the two Universities.

A report can be found here on the UH Athletics site.



September 3rd, 2012

The Warriors were defeated 49-10 in their opening game versus USC. The first half was extremely  trying, USC jumping out to a quick 20-0 lead, then looking comfortable through to half time.


 The offense picked things up and had 2 scoring drives in the 3rd quarter, Scott Harding having the only received TD of the game from Sean Schroeder.

A full recap can be seen here

Blake looked to have a reasonably good game. He gave away one false start and looked to give away a sack on a stunt that he and team mate Chauncy Makainai did not handle properly. Blake's pass protection particularly to the outside was very good. The team has next week off before opening at home to Lamar.




August 30th, 2012

Blake will be one of 12 players starting their first game of their career versus USC.

The Warriors had a practice this morning very early and will depart for Los Angeles at lunchtime. They wil have a walk through at an LA high school tomorrow and then prepare for the game the next day. The forecast is for a high of 28 degrees celsius for the game. 


August 27th, 2012

The opening game on the road at the University of Southern California is officially a sell-out.

Kapua Sai has won the starting Left Guard position and will play along side Blake. Sean Schroeder, a transfer from Duke has won the starting QB job. Scott Harding, the ex-AFL player from Brisbane has won the strong-side WR starting job.

The Warriors will depart later this week for Los Angeles.


August 20th, 2012

The Warriors have concluded their fall camp and school starts tomorrow. They play the USC Trojans in 13 days. The Trojans were just named #1 in the Associated Press Preseason Poll.

In an excerpt from today's Honolulu Advertiser detailing the starting teams for the Warriors exiting fall camp...


Offensive linemen

Left tackle Blake Muir, center Ben Clarke, right guard Dave Lefotu and right tackle Sean Shigematsu have won starting jobs. The battle is at left guard between Kapua Sai, who transferred from Utah, and Mike Milovale, a junior-college transfer. Chow is a believer in a seven-player rotation with a backup each at tackle and one of the inside spots. The Warriors will travel with 10 offensive linemen for the opener. Jordan Loeffler, who has been sidelined with a hand injury, is seeking a return to the rotation.


The next week will involve daily practices mixed with the beginning of Fall semester classes. Next week the team will probably depart for the mainland on thursday to prepare for the opening game at the Coliseum. 


August 14th, 2012

The Warriors have started two-a-day practices at the Joint Naval/Air Force base. The dormitories are slightly better than what they have on campus which is nice and they are away from distractions.

The Warriors are still shuffling through combinations on the OL which is detailed here by OL coach Chris Wiesehan. Blake essentially just needs to stay injury free to maintain his starting spot at Left Tackle.




August 8th, 2012

The Warriors have practiced every day this week and have 3 weeks till their game vs USC. Blake has practiced as the 1st Team Left Tackle. He took one day off this week with a slight hip flexor strain and then practiced as normal today.

Blake was elected to the team's Leadership Council as a Freshman.  


August 3rd, 2012

The Warriors have started Fall practice.

From Stephen Tsai's blog 'The coaches insist the o-line is not set. But this has been a popular lineup: LT Blake Muir, LG Kapua Sai, C Ben Clarke, RG David Lefotu, RT Sean Shigematsu.' Kapua Sai is a transfer from Utah who is eligible to play straight away due to graduating there, Coach Chow was the offensive co-ordinator at Utah last year.

The Warriors are staying in the dorm rooms this year as opposed to the dance studios in part years. Its much better for the comfort of the players. After a week on campus the team will move to the Pearl Harbor-Hickam Joint Naval base for a week. The facilities there are closed to the public.


July 28th, 2012

Blake has finished his training block and will return to UH on Tuesday. The block has been very successful. Blake achieved every lifting goal with the exception of the 400lb split jerk from the rack.




July 9th, 2012

This training block has been extremely successful. Blake is now @ 297lb and is accumulating PR's throughout his training. He is on track to achieve his goals of 145kg Snatch and 170kg C&J. His training from last week can be seen here.



June 15th, 2012

Blake is nearing the end of his 4th week of his off season training block. His body weight is up to 291lb again and he tested his vertical leap on Monday and recorded 32".

By week 6 he will be in position to start breaking some of his PR's on his lifts and week 7 and 8 should see some excellent long term goals being achieved.


May 30th, 2012

Blake visited former UH Defensive Lineman and 3rd Round NFL draft pick Colin Scotts yesterday. They had not previously met. Colin has a beautiful place on Sydney Harbour that he has owned for 11 years , but after selling his bar a few years ago, now he runs a company that fits out private hospitals with electronic media equipment and applications. Pretty smart idea, most hospitals are still in the dark ages of just a television for patients whilst they recuperate.

Colin had some great advice for Blake. He talked about how he was playing a great position and that he wished he could have had at shot at OL as opposed the more brutal DL position. He said to Blake that he must be already working well to get the starting job already and carry a 3.89gpa, so his best advice was to keep doing what he's doing and he'll get what he's always gotten.

Blake is training 5 days a week, with 2 sessions a day on Wednesday and Saturday.



May 22nd, 2012

Blake has started his off season training, getting his first sessions in last week and this week being his first full slate of 5 lifting and 2 running workouts.

Some nice words in this preseason preview of the 2012 Warriors campaign about Blake.

Blake was rated the 10th most talented player on the team, even though he redshirted last year.

'6-5, 290-pound redshirt freshman Blake Muir, like WR Scott Harding, is an Australian native. He played club football for the Sutherland Seahawks and graduated from high school in 2008. Now he’s ready to go after learning on the fly last season in a redshirt season and should be fine at left tackle.'


'Watch Out For … all the redshirt freshmen. They’re coming in various shapes and sizes, but Muir, Dew and Clarke are all ready to build the foundation for the line for the next few years making the biggest advantage.'


May 9th, 2012.

Here is a film about the 2012 Warriors team and what they have done so far with the new coaching staff. Blake will be home to celebrate his birthday on the weekend and will start training for the Fall camp.





May 3rd, 2012

The Warriors Football staff yesterday released the team depth chart for the conclusion of Spring Practice.


Left tackle — 1. Blake Muir. 2. Frank Loyd

Left guard — 1. Ben Dew. 2. Hunter Hallowed

Center — 1. Ben Clarke. 2. Kody Afusia.

Right guard — 1. David Lefotu. 2. Chauncy Winchester-Makainai.

Right tackle — 1. Jordan Loeffler. 2. Sean Shigematsu.

Tight end — 1. Craig Cofer. 2. Darius Bright.

X — 1. Billy Ray Stutzmann. 2. Trevor Davis. 3. Allen Sampson.

Z — 1. Scott Harding. 2. Chris Gant. 3. Justin Clapp.

F — 1. Justin Vele/Miah Ostrowski/Clark Evans.

QB — 1. David Graves/Jeremy Higgins. 3. Ikaika Woolsey

RB — 1. Joey Iosefa/Will Gregory. 3. John Lister. 4. Sterling Jackson.


DE — 1. Paipai Falemalu. 2. Marcus Malepeai.

DT — 1. Geordon Hanohano. 2. Haku Correa.

NT — 1. Moses Samia. 2. Siasau Matagiese.

DE — 1. Beau Yap. 2. Tavita Woodard.

WLB — 1. George Daily-Lyles. 2. Kamalani Alo.

MLB — 1. T.J. Taimatuia. 2. Brenden Daley.

SLB — 1. Art Laurel. 2. Darryl McBride.

CB — 1. John Hardy-Tuliau. 2. Kawika Ornellas.

SS — 1. Bubba Poueu-Luna. 2. Charles Clay.

FS — 1. Mike Sellers. 2. Leroy Lutu.

CB — 1. Mike Edwards. 2. Dee Maggitt.


PK — Tyler Hadden.

P — Alex Dunnachie.

LS — Luke Ingram.

PR — 1. Scott Harding. 2. Samson Anguay.

KR — 1. Mike Edwards. 2. Chris Gant.



April 29th, 2012

The Warriors wrapped up their Spring practice with the Warrior Bowl on campus last night. Below is a clip of the evening.




Another clip can be found here.


Blake has been the #1 Left Tackle since the beginning of Spring practice and he will enter Fall camp in that spot. Blake will be back home in 2 weeks once the semester finishes.


 With Sehawks Colts team QB Daniel Besz during the recent school holidays.





April 21st, 2012

The Warriors practiced today on Maui. There is 3 practices to go for the Spring which will finish with a scrimmage next Friday on campus from 7pm. Blake continues to be the #1 Left Tackle. Footage from practice is found here.




April 10th, 2012

Courtesy of David at some pics of Blake at practice.




April 2nd, 2012.

Blake has flown back to UH and the next on field practice on the Spring will be on Tuesday.

Below are some pics of Blake training this past week with his brother Sean.



March 29th, 2012

In the first semester, since leaving home the first week of January, Blake has lost 16lb of body weight. That is in 12 weeks. The training volume has been significant and although Blake has just lost weight, other players have been broken down badly. 

Blake is the #1 Team Left Tackle.  

The new schemes for the offense require a significant change in technique. All OL positions now come out of a 3 point stance, as opposed to the 2-point stances for the offensive tackles in previous seasons. Run blocking has become a major focus of the offense and there promises to be a heavier run selection in this scheme for 2012.

Blake will be in town till Sunday.


March 21st, 2012

Spring practice starts today and will run for 3 straight days with afternoon practices before a week's break. Pictures and reports will follow in a few days.


March 15th, 2012

Testing week continues. Blake broke his unit record from last year for the agility shuttle when he had 4.37; his new record is 4.22, what would have been best at the recent NFL combine by 3 tenths.

His broad jump of 9 feet would have been good for the 3rd best at the combine.

Blake had 21 reps on the bench. Last year he had 18, still down from his PR of 23 reps.

Some of the team records are represented on the wall with a photograph, Blake now has two of them, the Clean and the Agility Shuttle.


March 12th, 2012

Testing has started for the Warriors. Blake had the best clean for the Offensive line unit, 156kg which is also a unit record for the Warriors. Disappointingly, its less than his PR set the week before he left for the Spring semester in January and only 6kg more than this time last year.

The nature of the training is such for Blake that he has lost over 10lb of body weight, this has made progress in getting stronger very difficult whilst there. In the 2011 Summer break where he was home for 10 weeks leading into the Fall Camp, he gained the weight he lost in the previous Spring and got much stronger and faster. Sadly, he is unable to make any general capacity progress whilst actually over there.



March 3rd, 2012

The 2012 schedule has been released.

Sept. 1 — At USC

Sept. 8 — Bye

Sept. 15 — Lamar

Sept. 22 — Nevada

Sept. 29 — At BYU

Oct. 6 — At San Diego State

Oct. 13 — New Mexico

Oct. 20 — Bye

Oct. 27 — At Colorado State

Nov. 3 — At Fresno State

Nov. 10 — Boise State

Nov. 17 — At Air Force

Nov. 24 — UNLV

Dec. 1 — South Alabama



February 24th, 2012

Spring practice for the Warriors will run as follows......

Tuesday March 20th, Wed 21st, Thurs 22nd all 4pm.

Then Spring Break.

Re-start Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays starting April 4th through to April 28th. April 21st will be in Maui.



February 8th, 2012

The Warriors are into Winter training. 

The new Offensive Line coach has been announced as Chris Wiesehan, his coaching resume can be found here.

Coach Wiesehan has coached at Syracuse and most recently in the CFL. He has also been an offensive assistant at Tampa Bay in the NFL. Coach Wiesehan coached Tight Ends at Notre Dame and Purdue.

Spring practice will begin next month.


January 10th, 2012

Blake returns to UH today. The team will get to meet the new coaching staff this week, announcements will continue this week. Tony Tuioti, the defensive line coach is confirmed as returning in 2012. Coach Tuioti has been on recruiting trips to Australia in 2010 and 2011.

Below is a compilation of some of the training that Blake was able to do with his brother Sean over the last 3 weeks whilst at home. The time enabled him to get back to where he was at the end of his between semester training block at the beginning of August.




January 4th, 2011

The University of Hawaii has announced Norm Chow has the new Head Coach for the Warriors football team. Coach Chow has a tremendous resume which includes coaching Heisman Trophy winners Ty Detmer, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush as well as Phillip Rivers.

It means that the coaching staff will have a significant shake up and at this time it appears that Coach Shaw will not return as the Warriors Offensive Line coach. No official announcement has been made regarding a replacement.

Blake has been home for 2 weeks and will head back to UH next week to start the Winter semester and meet the new staff. Coach Chow runs a significantly different style of offense to UH's previous Run and Shoot.

Last semester, Blake was one of only four football players who was invited to attend the 'Straight A's' dinner for athletic department members who keep their grades up in that range throughout the Fall semester. This will no doubt be impressive to the new staff.

While in Australia, Blake has also been able to get back into some serious lifting, not something that is as easy to get done at UH as you would think.




December 17th, 2011

Some pics of Blake from UH's last game for 2011 vs BYU






December 14th, 2011

This week is finals week at UH. Blake has his last exam on thursday and will return home on saturday for 3 weeks.

The search for a new coach is continuing. UH's coaching committee has received 30 applications. A decision could be made between 1 and 3 weeks.


December 7th, 2011

Head Coach Greg McMackin today announced his retirement from football effective immediately. McMackin had one year remaining on his 5 year $5.5million contract, he will accept $600,000 in the final year to step down, this saves the Athletic Department $500,000.

The retirement of Coach McMackin ends a tough year for the Warriors in which they went 6-7 and missed a bowl game. During McMackin's 4 year tenure they reached the Hawaii Bowl twice, losing to Notre Dame in 2008 and Tulsa in 2010.

Assistant Head Coach Rich Miano will step in as the interim Head Coach whilst possible replacements are interviewed by a selection committee. 


December 5th, 2011

The 2011 season has come to an end with e 41-20 loss to BYU at home. The Warriors will finish the year 6-7 and not be bowl eligible. The third quarter, which included 4 TD's by BYU, allowed BYU to overcome a 13-10 Warrior lead. 

A full recap can be found here.

It means that Blake will be home earlier than expected. UH has final semester exams through to next week and Blake will likely return that weekend and be home for xmas and until the Spring semester starts the second week of January.


November 28th, 2011

The Warriors are still alive after a victory over Tulane. Full story from the Hawaii Athletics site here.

The team will play its last regular season game next week vs BYU, a huge traditional rival. If the team wins, it will qualify for the Hawaii Bowl.


November 25th, 2011

For Thanksgiving, Blake gets to spend time with his family who have flown over to watch the last two Warriors home games vs Tulane and BYU.


November 21st, 2011

The Warriors went down at home 24-21 against WAC rival Fresno State creating must-win situations in both the final two games against Tulane and BYU in order to become bowl eligible.

The game was the last ever WAC contest for the Warriors after 33 years. The program will move to the Mountain West Conference (MWC) in 2012. A full recap of the game can be found here

For Blake, with his redshirt status set in stone, things have become a little less busy in terms of football. Nearly all of the meaningful reps have obviously been devoted to the starters and direct back-ups; those who may see the field, so practices, particularly later in the week, have settled down. There are 3 more weeks of school, and his family is heading over to watch the Tulane and BYU games. The only positive from the poor finish to the season might be getting home a little earlier than otherwise and spending Xmas at home, but its a hollow way to start a career in the program with no bowl game. 

There has been a lot of pressure on the coaching staff and many fans and media pundits have been calling Head Coach Greg McMackin's status into question. The program needs a lot of support from its fan base right now and a little bit of luck would go a long way too.


November 8th, 2011

The Utah State Aggies were able to muster a 21-point second half comeback over the Hawaii Warriors; full recap from the Hawaii Athletics website can be found here.

The Warriors continue to sustain injuries at the offensive line position but both Coach MacMackin and Coach Shaw have been adamant that they will not be taking any more players off red-shirting this late in the season so that means they will play out the season with who they have.

This also likely means that Blake will not travel on the last travel squad of the season to Nevada this week in Reno. The Warriors need to win 2 more games out of the remaining 4 to be bowl eligible for the Hawaii Bowl on Xmas Eve. 


November 3rd, 2011

The Warriors are now 5-3 after defeating Idaho at the Kibbie Dome in Moscow, Idaho on the weekend. Next, the Utah State Aggies come to Aloha Stadium, the Warriors need 2 more wins to become bowl eligible for this season and will be favored going into this game, another WAC contest.

Blake will not take the last away game to Nevada next week as he is now being red-shirted under any circumstance now. With the quality of his grades he doesn't have to attend study hall which makes his time easier to manage.  

Blake's family will be heading over to catch a game later this month.


October 24th, 2011

Homecoming Night for the Warriors as they defeated New Mexico State 45-34 at home.

Full game report from the official UH Athletics website can be found here.

Warriors travel to Idaho on Wednesday.


October 16th, 2011

San Jose State was able to find the go ahead touchdown pass with under a minute to play as the Warriors were defeated 28-27 at Spartan Stadium, San Jose.

4 first half turnovers and 2 blocked kicks were the difference as the Warriors dropped another road game, this time to a WAC opponent.

Highlights of the game can be found here.


October 13th, 2011

The Warriors fly out today for their Friday night game vs the San Jose State Spartans. The game will be shown live here in Australia on ESPN HD 12pm noon on saturday. 


October 8th, 2011

The Warriors have the week off and prepare for a Friday night away game next week against San Jose State. This week has been a resting one for starters and the injured whilst backups have been worked vigorously. The team will fly out on Wednesday for the ESPN covered game, what will be the second WAC conference game in the Warriors championship defense.

Blake has had a chance to catch up on school work and get some lifting done.


October 3rd, 2011

A full report of the Warriors 44-26 road win over Louisiana Tech can be found here.

This was a key opening victory to the WAC Championship. Ruston is a long way from home for the Warriors and they now have a bye week before taking on San Jose State in another away game. 

This week will be god week for players to get up to date with their classwork and get healthy, although the team pulled through the game relatively injury free.




October 1st, 2011

Warriors had a walk through this morning and now jumped on a short chartered flight to Ruston for tomorrow's game. Below are a few pics of Blake in the pregame and on the sideline for the UC Davis game.



September 30th, 2011

This week the Warriors have flown out to Houston to prepare for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. The team will practice at the University of Houston's indoor practice facility. The team will then head to Ruston, Louisiana for the game which will kickoff 6pm which is 10am Sydney time Sunday morning.

The Bulldogs have a strong defensive line and have beaten UH 2 of the last 3 times that the Warriors have visited Ruston. This game represents the beginning of conference play for the Warriors and defense of their WAC title.


September 26th, 2011

The Warriors defeated the UC Davis Aggies 56-14. The Warriors were dominate against the FCS level Aggies and plenty of back ups for the Warriors got game time. The next game for the Warriors will be against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs in Ruston, Louisiana. This is always a difficult road trip for the Warriors, they will leave on Wednesday evening for the game and fly to Houston. This is will be first game of the year against a fellow WAC opponent.


September 23rd, 2011

From Stephen Tsai's blog today

'ESPN Australia was at practice shooting a segment on returner/slotback Scott Harding and offensive lineman Blake Muir. Muir has received a lot of reps, but UH won't use him unless there's an emergency. They don't want to waste what could be a redshirt year.'




September 20th, 2011

The Warriors were disappointing in a resounding loss to UNLV. Despite being 17 point favourites the Rebels were dominant whilst the Warriors looked flat going down 40-20.

The team has returned home and is preparing for FCS opponent UC Davis at Aloha Stadium this saturday. The Warriors will follow that with an away game @ Louisiana Tech and then a bye week.

For Blake it seems that he will indeed redshirt. Whilst there was no solid decision during Fall Camp of even now the decision to omit him despite some of the injuries that the unit has taken will likely mean that he will not see the field this year and instead break up the recruiting classes a little by delaying his first game till 2012.


September 15th, 2011

The Warriors are practicing at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas. 

Blake took several reps on the first team. The UH coaches are still deciding what they are going to do in terms of activating Blake and not using this year as a redshirt year. Blake is now the direct 2nd Team Left Tackle.



September 12th, 2011

The Warriors went down to the Huskies 40-32 and are now 1-1 for 2011. 

Washington came out in the first quarter and blasted the Warriors defense with 21 early points. To the Warriors credit they hit back and if not for some poor special teams play, 1 blocked field goal and a blocked PAT the game would have been even closer. An attempted onside kick inside the last minute rolled too short for a Warriors recovery and the Huskies kneed out the game.

The team flew to Las Vegas after the game and are staying just out of town in Summerlin. They play the University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV) Rebels next saturday. Right Tackle Sean Shigematsu went down in the 4th quarter with an injury that maybe serious enough to miss several games, he will return to Honolulu for examination but it means Blake as the 5th rotational tackle will either be the direct Left Tackle back up with Jordan Loeffler being moved across to Right Tackle or he will be the one to be moved across. Either way, the likelihood of him being redshirted is growing less and less due to injuries. The Warriors have already had Right Guard's Chauncey Makanai and David Lefotu miss practices ad game time due to knee injuries this year so far.

ESPN recap here

A picture of the UH OL who are on the travel squad. Here they are at the Husky Stadium walk through.




September 10th, 2011

The Warriors have been staying at the Hyatt Regency and are ready for today's game vs the Washington Huskies in the first leg of a 2 game road trip.


September 8th, 2011

The Warriors have left today for Seattle. Blake has joined the team for the 5 hour direct flight after a 2 hour practice this morning. 

This link is to this week's episode of the Coach Mack Show 



September 6th, 2011

The UH Warriors started their 2011 season with a 34-17 victory over the Colorado Buffalos at home. 

QB Bryant Moniz had 3 rushing touchdowns as the Warriors unveiled a serious new run attack element to their offense whilst the defense had 7 second half sacks. Colorado with its new Head Coach was not able to break its 17 game away loss stretch and despite its membership of the PAC-12, and all the advantages that come with it, did not have the talent to get on top of the Warriors.

The Warriors now leave for a 2 game road trip to Washington and UNLV. The 66man travel roster departs on Wednesday and Blake will likely be on it as the 5th offensive tackle. Asked how he felt about his first game albeit suited up and watching from the sideline he said, "weird, after all the warm ups and everything that went on in the pregame all I wanted to do was run out there."


 The University of Washington represent the second straight PAC-12 opponent on UH's schedule. The game at Husky Stadium is 12.30pm Pacific Time which is 5.30am EST in Australia so an early start for us who are getting up to watch it.



September 2nd, 2011

The Colorado v Hawaii game will be shown on ESPN in Australia 3pm on Sunday. The footage will not be live but it is a rare opportunity to watch the Warriors on tv in Australia. The team has a final practice today then a walk through at the stadium tomorrow before the team stays the night at a local hotel together.



August 23rd, 2011

The Warriors have finished Fall Camp and school starts today. Blake has moved into a new apartment which is bigger than the dorm rooms from Spring semester.

The Warriors are 2 weeks away from game #1 vs Colorado at home and have been ranked #39 in the nation in the preseason USA Today poll.

No word yet on whether Blake will be red-shirting this season. It seems less and less likely due to the depth at the position for the 2011 season and Blake will be suiting up for the Colorado game and at this stage going on the travel squad for away games, a tremendous and rare situation for a True Freshman.



August 16th, 2011

Here is some film to go with the pics of practice from the boys at You will see Blake in a few clips at the end of the film in the team period.




August 14th, 2011

The Warriors had their traditional 'Pool Day' yesterday, this is where the football team takes over the UH pool complex and the rookies are encouraged to jump from the 10m platform. Blake of course finds the water a second home so he had no issues with it. Below are some pictures of practice from Thursday, thanks to the boys at for going to the trouble.



August 13th, 2011

Offensive Line coach Gordon Shaw gives Blake a nice shout out in this summary of the offensive line position for UH in 2011.



This link also takes you to the Hawaii Athletics website with accompanying article.


August 11th, 2011

A short clip of yesterday's practice. You will see Blake in a few shots. Today is the first day of two-a-days for the Warriors. Today's practices are 8.30am to 10.40am then 3.30pm to 5.05pm. 




August 10th, 2011

Photos of today's practice courtesy of Stephen Tsai's blog



August 6th, 2011

Fall practice has started for the Warriors with the first 3 practices already being run and the players can now get into full equipment and start contact from Monday. Blake reports that he is happy with his performances in the first 3 practices and only some sore feet from a very long practice on the harder hotter turf practice field has been any annoyance.

An observation from one of the fans in attendance from today's practice.....

'*Tried to check up on the freshmen and the Oline. Ben Dew and Blake Muir looked to be future stars. Muir is big ,tall, long armed and no belly. You can tell the dude is a worker with being 290-300lbs and have no pot belly. Dew is solidly built and looked strong as an ox. What I found amazing and troubling to some degree is the freshmen were in better condition than some of the upper classmen. During running drills, Blake and Ben were finishing consistently near the front during conditioning drills while our starting tackle (Clayton Laurel) and one potential starting tackel(Jordan Loeffel) dragging up the back of the pack.'


July 26th, 2011

Blake will return to Hawaii on Sunday after a very successful off season training block.

As can be seen in this training film, Blake was able to add 17lb of body weight and gained all of the strength that he lost during the Spring semester plus reach several of his training goals such as his first 300lb snatch. His time spent training with Adrian was an excellent opportunity to take advantage of.








July 4th, 2011

Outdoor practice on saturday with Adrian.

Lifting today, should be several PB's in lifting this week. Also weighed in last week heaviest ever, 133kg which is 292lb.


June 20th, 2011

Blocking practice with Adrian



May 27th, 2011

To round out just how successful Blake's first semester was at UH his gpa for the semester was a perfect 4.0.

Here's a pic of Blake and Adrian getting ready for a running/agility/skills session together. 



May 24th, 2011

Blake has begun his lifting at the gym and will also be doing a lot of technical football skill work with Adrian Thomas whilst he is here in town. Blake has some ambitious goals for the summer break. A 170kg clean, a 250kg back squat and a 140kg snatch are all in his sights, some solid numbers that would break a few records at UH. 

Blake is just taking one online class for the summer and plans to be able to arrive back on campus around 290lb+ and ready to compete for game time as a true freshman.



May 10th, 2011

Blake will return to Sydney on Thursday. He'll have a few days off and will then begin his 'Summer' lifting and conditioning here in Sydney at Shire Speed and Strength. It will be an 11 week training block, plenty of time to set some new PB's in speed and strength. 


April 20th, 2011

Spring practice has ended. The players will have individual meetings with their positional coaches this week and walk on players will be told if they will be invited back for Fall camp or not. More new recruits will arrive in August for Fall camp and room has to be made.

Blake has 2 exams and one assignment due for finals week coming up in May and then will return home for the weekend of 15th May.

The photo below is of the practice at Hilo courtesy of



April 17th, 2011

Highlights of the Warrior Bowl and a report can be found at

Blake played 2nd team Left Tackle and also stepped in on the 4th team at Right Tackle. He is not on the field goal unit.


April 15th, 2011

Tomorrow is the Warrior Bowl. A full game scenario practice session of offense vs defense that will be held on campus at T.C. Ching Field 7pm Friday night. Blake continued to share reps on the 2nd team. The way that the Spring practices have been spread out allows for each practice to be broken down on film at a unit meeting either that afternoon from a morning practice or the next day on an evening practice. 

There will be one more practice after Friday, a practice on Monday that was moved from a few weeks ago when the Tsunami warning canceled a practice. Monday's practice will focus on special teams. After that, the Spring semester will continue through to the second week of May when Blake will return home for the summer break.



April 12th, 2011

In addition to yesterday's footage here are links to Blake appearing in reps, at the post scrimmage address by the Mayor of Hilo and at the autograph signing.






April 11th, 2011

You can watch highlights of practice on this link

You can see Blake in the first 4 team reps at Left Tackle from 0:59 of the clip and in the beginning of the clip wearing his #66 jersey. 


April 8th, 2011

This pic is from Monday's practice. This is Blake with his room mate and fellow true freshman offensive lineman Ben Dew. Blake traded 2nd team reps yesterday with Jordan Loeffler who has been coping with a knee injury.

Next practice for the Warriors is at Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii which is 350km away. The Warriors will fly there on saturday morning and practice will be from 11am. This annual travel to the other Hawaiian island by the Warriors team is seen as a big community builder for the state and has included Kauai and Maui the last two years.




April 1st, 2011

Blake can be seen wearing #66 jersey at the end of this clip.

As the story states, practice will resume after the UH Pro Day today on saturday. Blake will be practicing on the 2nd Team at Left Tackle for the saturday practice due to an injury to the regular 2nd teamer.


March 25th, 2011

Blake has been able to fly home for a week during Spring Break. He returns to Hawaii on saturday March 26th and the next spring practice for Hawaii is on Monday afternoon. He'll be watching his brother Sean at tonight's game between the Seahawks and UTS Spartans.


March 14th, 2011

The earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan led to coastal warnings for Hawaii which canceled practice scheduled for friday, however saturday's practice went ahead as planned. 

Monday's practice will be the first in full pads and the missed practice has been tacked onto the end of the Spring football period and will be Monday April 18th after the Warrior Bowl on the big island.


March 10th, 2011

Spring Practice started today. Blake was assigned jersey number #66, Adrian's old number. Not sure if it was deliberate or not but it is what it is. 


March 4th, 2011

Testing week continued.

Blake is down to 123kg from 128kg. The meal allowances are not able to keep up with the calorie needs and managing eating times, especially lunch, around class time, study time and workout times is proving to be quite a skill.

Blake had the highest conventional vertical leap at 35 inches of the linemen but his squat 1RM was way down on his PB only 210kg (PB is 235kg) and he only had 18 reps on the 225lb bench (PB is 23). All in all very good results but losing weight is a big part of the reason for the loss of strength.

Tomorrow there is a player organized on field practice that prepares for next week's official start to Spring Practice.


March 3rd, 2011

This week is testing week for the Warriors. Spring practice start next week.

Blake has done very well in testing. Amongst the offensive linemen he had the best 10yard and 20 yard time and also the best vertical leap 35" which was one of the best on the team let alone of all the offensive and defensive linemen.

Unfortunately since arriving on campus with the different style of workouts his strength has suffered. His bench was 13kg less than his previous 1 rep max and his clean was also 5kg below his best which is a shame that in 9 weeks he has actually gotten weaker and less powerful not stronger. The clean was still good enough for 2nd best on the team; something that a true freshman HAS NEVER DONE BEFORE!

Wednesday is a rest day and Thursday they test 225lb bench for max reps and 1 rep max back squat. We shall see how his numbers stack up there but they also will likely be down. In better news he topped his class in his anthropology exam.


February 21st, 2011

The Warriors football team announced ex-Hawaii Head Coach Dick Tomey as the new Special Teams Coordinator for the 2011 season. Coach Tomey was Head Coach between 1977 to 1986 and compiled a 63-46-3 record. He is a Circle of Honor inductee and also coached at the University of Arizona and the San Francisco 49ers.

Coach Tomey was nice enough to come up to Blake and introduce himself in the UH Weight Room last week. Coach Tomey was the Head Coach who recruited the first Australian to play at UH, Colin Scotts. He talked to Blake a little about it, an interesting piece of history.



February 17th, 2011

Courtesy of Steven Tsai's blog.......

Here's the schedule (with practices at 7 a.m unless otherwise noted):


7  (Monday) — Team meeting. 

9  (Wednesday) — Practice No. 1 (sweats).

11 (Friday) — Practice No. 2 (sweats).

12  (Saturday) — Practice No. 3 (pads), 4:30-6:30 p.m.; Coaches Clinic/Social, 6:30 p.m.

14 (Monday) — Practice No. 4 (pads).

16 (Wednesday) — Practice No. 5 (pads).

18 (Friday) — Practice No. 6 (pads).

21-25 — Spring break. 

28 (Monday) — Practice No. 7 (pads).

30 (Wednesday) — Practice No. 8 (pads).

31 (Thursday) — Pro Day at Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. 


2 (Saturday) — Practice No. 9 (pads), 1:30 p.m.; Junior Day.

4 (Monday) — Practice No. 10 (pads).

6 (Wednesday) — Practice No. 11 (sweats).

9 (Saturday) — Practice No. 12 (pads) in Hilo.

11 (Monday) — Practice No. 13 (pads).

13 (Wednesday) — Practice No. 14 (pads).

15 (Friday) — Warrior Bowl, 7 p.m. at Ching Athletic Complex.



February 9th, 2011

Spring practice will begin for the Warriors on March 9th and their Spring game will be held on the Big Island. Rotating the game around the islands is becoming a tradition. The last two years the game has been at Kauai and Maui. Here is a pic from Steven Tsai's blog of the Star-Advertiser from the UH linemen running hills this morning.



January 23rd, 2011

Blake's family has returned to Australia and left Blake to continue with the Spring semester. 


January 19th, 2011

Blake has started team training sessions at UH's weight room. They are significantly different to what he is used to.  A lot more volume and slower lifting.



January 14th, 2011

Team meeting yesterday about workouts. They will begin as team organized training blocks starting next week. Blake was able to lift at the gym for the first time yesterday as well. UH's gym has several assistants and for this week until the team organized sessions begin there is some autonomy for the players to do as they like, Monday that will change.


January 9th, 2011

The running around continues. Lots of little jobs for Blake to do. His room mate is going to be fellow Freshman OL Ben Dew who is from New Zealand but actually lived in Florida and Hawaii. He is in the same situation as Blake, not going on scholarship till June but getting in early for the Spring semester. Classes start tomorrow, Blake has a fairly easy slate for the first semester, a nice way to settle in.


January 8th, 2011

Blake and his family has been going through the first few days of setting up what will be a long stay at a new home. Registering for classes and meeting the academic advisor. Seeing the medical staff for vaccination checks (something all international students have to do). Picking up Student ID, meal card, buying a computer, sorting out housing in the dorm rooms, the first few days were always bound to be hectic and loaded with bureaucracy.

Coach Shaw (offensive line coach) is on the mainland recruiting at the moment but will be back soon. In the mean time Blake will settle in and get ready for classes starting next week and to start lifting in UH's gym with S & C Coach Heffernan.


January 5th, 2011

Almost 5 years to the day that the first Sutherland Seahawk college player departed for Hawaii, Adrian Thomas, the club's second player to join the University of Hawaii program, Blake Muir left yesterday.

Blake too will play for the Warriors as an offensive linemen and projects as a tackle in Hawaii's Run and Shoot offense that was #2 in the nation last year in total offense with Adrian Thomas at Right Guard.

In many ways Adrian's accomplishments have paved the way for Blake and with that Blake has prepared to excel beyond Adrian's trailblazing. This diary will attempt to keep the curious up to date on how Blake settles in, trains and copes with the college football experience. 





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